Development of web pages and web apps

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— Simple websites
Small sites, approximately 5 pages, a little informative, as business card
— Web portals
Big websites, a lot of dynamic pages, module's system, CMS usual or specially developed due to clients needs, log in forms, mail forms etc.
— Forums, boards
Thematic talks, interesting discussions, and all of those in individual design with editing system and additional modules.
— Corporate websites
Corporate websites usual contains outside and internal sites, in external website information about company, it activity, services etc; internal pages accessible only for employees of the company and an authorized users, with ability to set permissions for every user separately, with different access level. Common access to databases from different branches of company around the world.
— E-marketing
Shops of 21 century, transfers your business to e-world. Buy, sell goods and services not rising the chair at home or in the office. Automation orders, easy accounting and integration.
— Flash websites
Website with a lot of graphic elements, impressive effects, use for presentations on local computers and Internet, introduction new product or service. Often they serve for authors sites all kind of artists.
— Web apps&adds
Specially developed or upgraded add-ons, web applications for your website.
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