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     You should promote the site on certain subject (categories), and this type can be described briefly in a few keywords.
     The owner requires that its site should occupied top positions in search engines for those keywords.


     The owner received numerous proposals for promoting a site with 100% guarantee that its site will occupy the first position by keywords on its activity.
     Several of the owners, was offended by attractive offers, and take them.
     After a while they realize that the promised result does not achieved.

Where was a mistake?

     On this subject, in the Ukrainian segment of Internet, for example, 100 sites.
     Each of the 99 owners also wants that his web page ranked top positions in search engines for its keywords.
     First place in a keyword or phrase into a search engine only one. Similarly and second, third, fourth and so on.
     If two web studio, dealing with two different resources, will give 100% guarantee that a site for a certain keyword will take first place in search engines, one of these companies did not perform its promise. Thus, possibility that promise will be done 50%.
     If ten different web studios that deal with promotion of the ten sites will guarantee that sites will take first place in the search engines delineated by keyword, nine of them do not perform their promises. The probability of such promises only 10%.
     If all 100 owners of the same business, orders the 100 studios in advance in order to position their web pages in the first position in search engines by defined keywords, then the probability of a promise is 1%.
     100% guarantee of placement in search engines is practically impossible. When you promote your site should be considered, or more accurately predict the average outcome for this subject keywords and find the closest to them, with lower search ranking, and therefore more likely that will take first position.
     100% guarantee on the first position, such as Google, may give only Google, but only on condition that he has not promised it to someone else;)

And now another example, 

     Many studios offering website promotion in a very short period.
     Then ban (temporarily dropped from the index in search engines) or even blocks the domain forever.

Where was a mistake? 

     In practice, site promotion can take from several days to several years. Terms of promotion often depend on the tasks the owner of the site and budget.

Another example, 

     Website Promotion for pennies. Guaranteed results.

Again a mistake?

     Yes, because, the more popular subject of site the more it has competitors. And the owners are not merely promote sites, but also put back the bulk of the advertising budget.
     For some of them to bypass competitor in the internet means to get around him in business, get ahead and not give up position because it can not only affect on rankings, but also destroy the whole business.

And another example,

Promotion can be ordered even in the student result will be identical.



because promotion in search engines often leads to solving the future of the site, and business in general.



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