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What is included in development of corporate identity?Що-входить-до-розробки-фірмового-стилюЩо-входить-до-розробки-фірмового-стилю Translations are coming soon . . .

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How to start an ad campaign?З-чого-почати-рекламну-кампаніюЗ-чого-почати-рекламну-кампанію (SemoArt) Статті про рекламу Mon, 31 Oct 2011 09:17:29 +0000 How to correctly organize the advertising campaignЯк-грамотно-організувати-рекламну-кампаніюЯк-грамотно-організувати-рекламну-кампанію           Do You develop an advertising campaign about your product, target audience??? Or preferred media that you have offered at low prices ("very beneficial offer !!!").
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         Advertising will work , if it's organized correctly, dispite of budget.
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The history of advertising: the XX centuryІсторія-реклами-ХХ-століттяІсторія-реклами-ХХ-століття (vera) Статті про рекламу Tue, 04 Oct 2011 08:19:26 +0000 History of Advertising: The new timeІсторія-реклами-Новий-часІсторія-реклами-Новий-час (vera) Статті про рекламу Tue, 04 Oct 2011 07:55:21 +0000 History of advertisement: RenaissanceІсторія-реклами-ВідродженняІсторія-реклами-Відродження (vera) Статті про рекламу Tue, 04 Oct 2011 07:51:11 +0000 History of advertising: the Middle AgesІсторія-реклами-СередньовіччяІсторія-реклами-Середньовіччя (vera) Статті про рекламу Mon, 03 Oct 2011 15:18:31 +0000 History of Advertising: the AntiquityІсторія-реклами-АнтичністьІсторія-реклами-Античність During antiquity verbal advertisement was already separated from the general information and developed in the following areas:

- yelling shill in the place of offering goods and services, in the markets and exhibitions;

- yelling peddlers, agents and traveling craftsmen with an offer of services.

It was in ancient times, when some elements of advertising have acquired a great value: meaning ofcalls and shouts, their lexical meaning, intonation, pitch, melodic sound andappearance (clothing, hairstyle, facial expressions, gestures, and a set of objects which they used, trying to attract attention).

The first visible means of advertising were found by archaeologists during excavations of ancient Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia. The attention attracted by familiar objects: doctors exhibited on a shelf above the door banks for cupping blood, baker at the entrance to the store putted sheaf of wheat or flour, a seller of birds - cells of birds.

Wax masks of ancestors, which were worn in triumphal processions and religious, and have become an indispensable part of the interiors of villas of the Roman patricians, reflect the kind of antiquity, the greatness of his acts, therefore, were a kind of prototype of what today is called "identity".

A significant number of promotional items contained in festive processions: reading laudatory poems, displaying trophies acquired in battle, shouting screamers, which invited into the theater, music, singing, plays a farce.

Festive procession in ancient culture was a form of social need satisfaction in self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-expression. Particular importance attaches to in ancient Rome, rightly believing that people in this way would use to greatness of Empire. These were the predecessors of modern advertising campaigns aimed at potential users and combine a number of iconic vehicles that are damaged and keep your audience. Such advertising today, as before, creates a national mentality, and makes an individual to support these measures own actions. And how effective advertising, the more they meet these guidelines.

With the development of literacy (6 - 8 millennium BC) advertising can be rewritten as the written text, the most common first in Middle East cultures. As an example, political antiquity written   advertisement  can be described as laudatory inscriptions ("stones that say") on the statues of rulers made to promote their views and achievements, inscriptions ("Book of the pyramids) from ancient Egyptian tombs, and the so-called Wall of Kite, which describes the exploits of the ruler of Sumer XXIV century BC. 

One of the oldest advertising researchers believe the text engraved on the stone inscription found in the ruins of Memphis: "I, Reno from the island of Crete, by the grace of the gods of interpreting dreams”.

Very cheap and common type of ads has been inscriptions scratched or painted on the walls, so-called graffiti (from the Latin word «graffito» - scratch). A lot of them preserved in volcanic ash preserved the ancient city of Pompeii, they are more than1,5 thousand. Among these symbolic images of schools, taverns, term with arrows indicating the direction to them, information about the show, election slogans Romanian local politicians and administrators, as well as warnings regarding the ban of advertising in inappropriate places. An example of the latter: "Do not write here. Woe to whose name will be remembered here. Let it be to him no graces of the gods». 

To organize promotional element walls of public buildings, especially were whitewashed or covered with white paint. They had the name "album" (from the Latin word «albus» - white) and intended for operative messages, ads, news. Specially treated white boards exhibited in the streets near the High priest, Pope. They wrote to the public important state news, opinions on auspitsy (professed to believe in flying birds), the happy or unhappy days, weather, and government orders. Then, these panels-tables hidden in the archives.

At 59 year from BC Consul Julius Caesar ordered to report promptly to the current solution bleached boards from Senate. Till this time ad content was varied: from Society chronic to private ads.

In the ancient period have already started verbal ad accompanied by a set of written and figurative things, to create an image that helped to influence on stronger man, and take advantage of the proposed product or service. From this arises, which is very popular today, posters, billboards and promotions, all started in ancient times. 

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History of Advertising: the BeginningІсторія-реклами-витоки-та-проторекламаІсторія-реклами-витоки-та-протореклама Advertisement’s activity was born at the dawn of civilization, has experienced different steps of evolution along with the evolution of man, his needs and cultural development.

The word "advertising" comes from the Latin claims - shout out.

Institute of screamers was fixed at the national level a long time ago. Position of screamer was mentioned in the XIV century before Birth of Christ. Screamers were used for everyday informing people of ancient cities. They reported a wide range of public information: honoring the famous military leaders, on arrival in the city foreign ambassadors on a regular distribution of bread or a grand sideshow, the attendance of citizens in the court on sentencing and executions.

The beginnings of another kind of advertising – graphic advertising - is closely connected with ornament, drawing and sculpture. Different examples of these kinds of works that belong more to the Paleolithic period, may be arguments in the debate about what was the first -verbal or graphic advertising.

To  the first advertisement belonged ornaments of the tattoos of their ritualistic content, saved till today; rods heads, symbolizing power, marks of ownership in the form of stamps, which marked the various items, livestock and slaves, tribal totems, which were shown in animals that were considered tribal ancestors and showed strength, courage, intelligence, cunning, etc. (compare with today's trademark).

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