History of Advertising: the Beginning

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Advertisement’s activity was born at the dawn of civilization, has experienced different steps of evolution along with the evolution of man, his needs and cultural development.

The word "advertising" comes from the Latin claims - shout out.

Institute of screamers was fixed at the national level a long time ago. Position of screamer was mentioned in the XIV century before Birth of Christ. Screamers were used for everyday informing people of ancient cities. They reported a wide range of public information: honoring the famous military leaders, on arrival in the city foreign ambassadors on a regular distribution of bread or a grand sideshow, the attendance of citizens in the court on sentencing and executions.

The beginnings of another kind of advertising – graphic advertising - is closely connected with ornament, drawing and sculpture. Different examples of these kinds of works that belong more to the Paleolithic period, may be arguments in the debate about what was the first -verbal or graphic advertising.

To  the first advertisement belonged ornaments of the tattoos of their ritualistic content, saved till today; rods heads, symbolizing power, marks of ownership in the form of stamps, which marked the various items, livestock and slaves, tribal totems, which were shown in animals that were considered tribal ancestors and showed strength, courage, intelligence, cunning, etc. (compare with today's trademark).

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