Creating identity

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Corporate identity - is the face of your company. It is developed once and for all, so consider all the elements:
— Logos trademark or trade mark
Logo brands and characters - that is what makes it possible to recognize your company.
— Color palette, color combination
(?) Individually selected range of corporate colors will allow your customers to differentiate you from other companies
— Corporate fonts
Special fonts provide identity for your company.
— Business card
Business cards as the primary means of dating the business lobby, has to be unique, informative, but at the same time and laconic.
— Corporate motto
Motto - helps lift the spirit of staff, causing fear in the competition and highlights the activities of your company
— Template signature correspondence
In correspondence format is an important sign, which will at any moment find contact information corresponding
— Corporate Souvenirs
Pens, calendars, notepads, key chains and other trinkets branded logo and contact your company - will amaze your customers and partners
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Examples of corporate identity
Printing logo of your company on ball-point pen. Wide range of pens models, price from the manufacturer.
Front side of a business card. Individual design developed according to corporate style
Addition on the back of business cards, you can place a short list of services that provides your company
Pocket calendar - a useful thing that stays with a person throughout the year and reminds about you
On the front side of the pocket calendar, your logo and contact information
Company letterhead - a necessary attribute for any company, inspires respect and trustamong the business community