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Individually removing promoters will help people find out that you are opened, have introduced a new product or service. All the promoters before the actions are trainedand get their supervisor. Optimal routes are developed for each client by supervisor.Photo-reports will help you to navigate about the shares.
— Promotions
With us you will be known! Young and energetic people will give to understand consumers that you are that what they are looking for
— Tasting
Enter a new product to market is even easier when client tries it!! This way the mechanism of work recommendations greatly increase the demand for your product
— Distribution of leaflets
Thousands of leaflets will fall precisely into the hands of potential consumers, which is designed for your product. About opening the shop will know more people
— Placing flyers under the wipers of cars
A simple and effective way to deliver information directly to the consumer, not giving him an opportunity to ignore information
— Addressed and Unaddressed mail leaflets
We will take care that all cards got to the mailboxes of your customers and the ability to embrace new customers, thanks to Unaddressed mailing propositions
— Public opinion polls
Find out what your company's attitude to the people! What services are most interesting to your customers. National rating of politicians
— Flash-mob
Fast mobilization of people. Group of people at a time form your company logo in any place
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Приклади листівок (флаєрів)
Фірмовий бланк компанії - необхідний атрибут для будь-якого підприємства, викликає повагу та довіру серед бізнес спільноти
Листівка формату а5 (А5, 148х210 мм половина - стандартного аркушу а4), вагомий аргумент, щоб заявити про свою компанію.
Листівка формату єврофлаєр (DL/E65, 110х220 мм, 1/3 частина - стандартного аркушу а4), найпоширеніший вид листівок. Розробимо, надрукуємо та розповсюдимо для Вас.