ATL Outdoor Advertisment

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We offer all of the standard and no standard solutions in outdoor advertising. A largelist of cities placing Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Own boards and plane of partners. Standard list of planes:
— Billboards
Advertising media size 3x6 m, 4x8 m, 3x4 m, 4 x 8 m.The most effective outdoor advertising insturment.
— Megaboard
Gigants among the boards. Sizes 24x3 m 18x3 m, 12x4 m m12x3, 12x5 m, 15x5 m
— Prismatrons or prismavision
Billboards standard format 3x6 m, which changesthe image to 3 species. Additional attention to pedestrians.
— Brendmauer
Advertising on buildings. Self-determination of the amount and forms ofadvertising plane
— City-light
Promotional construction measuring 1.2 x1, 8 meters are most effective for pedestrians, and downtown, bus and railway stations
— Backlights
The same as the city lights 1.2 x1, 8 m, with an extra lights behind the image, which gives them an advantage in nighttime
— Holder
Construction on poles. Size – 200-70 cm. Available for drivers, passengers and walking people. It costs low, but has a lot of contacts with consumers.
— Advertising on transport
Design and place ads on trolleybuses, trams,minibuses, trucks and cars
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