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-- History

The company "SemoArt" founded December 8, 2010 by the team of active young people who aspire to self-expression and creative implementation.

August 2011 - opened a branch in Wroclaw, Poland. Activities department is focused on processing orders from our Polish partners and clients.

-- Activities

The main activities of the company "Semoart":

Development and implementation of Internet solutions for your business.

- Developing websites.

- Creative web design.

- Internet marketing. Contextual advertising.

- Quality promotion of web pages on the Internet.

Advertising and marketing services.

- Outdoor advertising billboard, trivisions, city lights.

- Operational and offset printing.

- Media advertising - newspapers, radio and television.

- Complete service and marketing.

Logo and motto

Company's logo symbolizes the short name of "SemoArt" Latin «SA». Engaged with corporate colors white and red, without contours and straight lines for a better understanding of the concept of the company.

Our motto was chosen to reflect the creative approach of our team - "SemoArt - Art of Creating" - to all our projects.

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